The land is for the people

The land is for the people: landless farmers and social struggle in Brazil
CineClub season, February-April 2010

At Latin American House we thought that the last feature documentary made by the MST (The Movement of the Landless Rural Workers of Brazil) was a perfect starting point for film-based sessions about Brazilian issues, focusing on landless workers and other communities in danger. Landless Farmers and the Biggest March in Brazilian History shows people’s response to the extreme conditions in which most workers in Brazil are still living. Without their own land, they often become nomads and are sometimes forced to work under regimes of near-slavery. These extreme conditions are the result of abuse by landowners and a lack of effective political action, and responsible for a certain underdevelopment in the country as a whole.

This situation is unacceptable, and at Latin American House our aims are: first, to give a voice to these people and the MST (which represents them), and second, to elaborate on the causes of this situation through some cinema sessions on the subject. To that effect we have carefully selected three other films (Vidas Secas, Birdwatchers and Entranced Earth) and we are still looking for investigators or specialists to host an open debate in each session.

From this Thursday 25th of February, and every two weeks until the 8th of March, Latin American House will be all about Brazil… and all about great cinema!

Don’t miss out!


25 February: Landless farmers in Brazil: Landless farmers and the biggest march in Brazilian history
11 March: Cinema novo, at the heart of the revolution: Barren Lives
25 March: The land of the red men: Birdwatchers
8 April: Terra em transe : Entranced Earth


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