Moctezuma, Aztec ruler

moctezuma-aztec-ruler-britiExhibition at the British Museum – Community Preview

This major exhibition explores Aztec (Mexica) civilisation through the divine, military and political role of the last elected ruler, Moctezuma II (reigned AD 1502–1520).

Rediscover the world of the Mexica and trace the foundation of modern Mexico.

See it four days before its official opening to the public in a free, guided visit with the Latin American House. Don’t miss it!
Sunday 20th September 2009
2.30-3.00 pm Curator’s talk
3.30-4.15 pm Workshop exploring the everyday lives of the Aztecs from war drums to chocolate whisks

To book a place or for any further enquiries please email

Please note that on the date some streets of central London will be closed to traffic due to Mayor of London’s Skyride. Use the opportunity to get to the British Museum by bike, or check Transport for London’s website for door-to-door travel information.


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