Would you like to learn Spanish, Portuguese or be a part of other new projects…

…while enjoying the rich Latin American Culture?

The Latin American House is seeking to set up a language centre, to provide you with quality courses on Latin  American languages.

[The small letters here would read that all benefits will go to supporting the Latin American Community in London, something we know a word about – in fact that’s what we’ve been doing since 1983.]

But we need a little help in order to get it running.  We need to know your opinions and ideas, and would like you to take a couple of minutes to fill this brief on-line questionnaire. Your answers will help us to determine the best way to set up the centre – both for you and the thousands of Latin Americans out there seeking for help.

Thanks for your time, we will look forward to seeing the results!

Fill the questionnaire and WIN!
Fill the questionnaire


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