CineClub: The land of the red men

Thursday 25th March 2010, 6:30 pm
Free entry (donations welcome!)

Season: The land is for the people

“Birdwatchers” – “Shot over 10 weeks in 2007, Bechis’s film is both a devasting portrait of Brazil’s indigenous populations in the 21st century and a tribute to the resistance of the Guarani-Kaiowa, who are gradually fighting back against the ranchers and farmers who have driven them off their traditional lands, in what is known in Portuguese as a retomada or “retaking”. While the wealthy cattle rancher kicks back on his idyllic country estate, showing European birdwatchers slides of the local wildlife, the Guarani-Kaikowa eke out a precarious existence, slaving away on sugar cane plantations and living in a shabby squatter settlement”.

The speaker (TBC) will try to drop some light upon the problem of the ownership of land in Brazil and the necessity of agrarian reform to finish with the semi-slavery and poverty of native tribes that are cornered in reserves. We expect to launch a reflection over abuses by landowners upon certain communities, like the guaranis, and savage deforestation carried out in their legitimate lands.


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