CineClub: Cinema novo, at the heart of the revolution

Thursday 11th March 2010, 6:30 pm
Free entry (donations welcome!)

Season: The land is for the people

“Barren lives” – “Nelson Pereira dos Santos’ striking adaptation of the same-titled novel tells the story of a poor family in the Northeast of Brazil that wander about the barren land searching for a better place to live, with food and work. But the drought and misery destroy their hopes. Vidas Secas is the cornerstone of the Cinema Novo movement. At the time of its theatrical release, Vidas Secas was considered the absolute last word as a realistic film depiction of the wretched of the earth. Today it somehow seems much more -a white-hot, almost mistically intense pilgrim’s progress through an unending purgatory with no other side”.

We will run an open talk about Cinema Novo, seeded with the works of artists like the writer Graciliano Ramos, in order to locate their repercussion in Brazilian cultural scene. A portrait of the recent history and enmediate prospects of Brazilian rural economy is to be done in relation with Ramos’ paramount novel “Vidas secas”. The speaker (TBC) will conduct a promising debate about the agitation/revolution in Brazil’s cultural scene in the 60’s, its causes and consequences.


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