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Latin American House (formerly known as Latin American Association) was established in 1983, becoming a registered Charity (number 1127253) in 1986, and a Company Limited by Guarantee (number 6720498) in 2008. The objects of the Association are: “to promote the benefit of all Latin American people living or working in Greater London without distinction of sexual orientation, race, political, religious or other opinions; by associating local authorities, voluntary organisations or individuals in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life of such persons.” (Latin American Houses’s Constitution. p. 1)

A voluntary Management Committee manages the Association. Elected at the Association’s annual general meeting, the Committee meets every six weeks and is made up of Latin Americans with a dedicated active life supporting the Latin American Community in the United Kingdom.

The current Management Committee, elected in March 2008, is as follows:
* Miguel Mercado (Chair)
* Enrique Sáenz-de-Sicilia (Vice-Chair)
* Carlos Bode (Treasurer)
* Andrés Gómez (Secretary)
* Manuela Cardoso
* Paulina Arce
* Natalia Pérez
* Elisabeth Rojas
* Fiona Peart

The staff team is headed by the General Coordinator, Txus Santacara. Nursery Menchú is run by Ana Vejo, LESAS by Mary George and the Community Learning Centre by Raúl San Mateo. They are all supported by a extensive team of dedicated volunteers, which is the real spirit, basis and engine of the Organisation.

The Association receives an annual grant from London Councils. We also receive support from several charitable trusts and regeneration initiatives. Further costs are met through hiring of space to local groups and for private functions.

We are located in Kilburn, North West London, one of the most deprived areas of the country [see the Office for National Statistics report].


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