Drama workshop

Storytelling, body and voice techniques for challenge, awareness and transformation.

No experience necessary, any age welcome.
For adults of all ages who have a child in their heart.
We aim to create a group of experimentation and perform in venues.

* Discover all kind of possibilities of expression through you body and voice
* Experiment different improvisation, acting and storytelling techniques,
* Learn how to perform in front of an audience without getting nervous.
* Improve your self confidence and communication skills.
* Express yourself freely.
* Feel the presence of nature; be a part of the planet in a unique way.
* Release pain.
* Explore and improve your creativity interacting with others, creating characters, roles, stories and situations in a natural, individual and spontaneous way.
* Learn drama games, storytelling, puppetry, and improvisation and clown techniques, to laugh and relax.
* Learn to be comfortable with yourself.
* Let the energy of your body flow.

We work with our every day’s activities. We test and study everything we experience in life.

Price 160 pounds (8 sessions). You can pay in several instalments.
A free place is available for someone very committed who can’t afford the cost
Limited to 6 places per session
Booking and confirmation essential.


~ by Anónimo García on Friday 17 July 2009.

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