Bringing Communities Together

W O W !


Latin American House became the ultimate night club in London on this very special event that brought the bit and the best of many countries around the globe.

The party opened with In our back yard, a short documentary on how a group of volunteers, no matter the distance -physical and cultural- between their places of origin, can collaborate and team together to work for the community. The film showed volunteers from Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Japan, Britain and more countries working to refurbish BRICKS, a community association located in West Hampstead, London, which helps refugees and migrants from the former Yugoslavia.

The performances started afterwards, with the joyful dance of the Young Faces of Africa, two children who delightfully performed a traditional Zimbabwean dance.

Latin American House AssociationMiss Lili G Kidan and Kefale Alemu performed an Ethiopian graceful dance of the shoulders named eskesta. Their heads and shoulders appeared to be only temporally attached to the rest of their body in this cheerful dance, which many of us started imitating with funny awkwardness.

The Argentinians Tomás and Seeta followed with a very sensual tango.

Denisar, singer and guitarist duo of Brazilian bossa novas played a set of intimate yet rhythmic and danceable songs which no one could resist.

Latin American House AssociationLatin American House AssociationApure-me played Cuban rumba. Everyone went crazy with their fast rhythm, warmness and evocation of the lively Caribbean nights.

Unfortunately, the cheering of the public asking for more could not be pleased, but DJ Dime came to rescue us with the hottest salsa rythms, totally warming up the dancefloor until midnight.

The party was rounded up with a stall with Saharawi cfrafts, posters and paintings from different communities, exciting visuals showing impressive photographs of cultures around the globe and, of course, free food for everyone!

Anyone thought that fighting for a better world couldn’t be fun?


~ by Anónimo García on Friday 20 April 2007.

3 Responses to “Bringing Communities Together”

  1. That sounds cool! I’ll be there!

  2. I just had a thought while looking at this page to tell my daughter about it, (and I might forget to say when I see you!)would it be possible to add a “email this page to a friend” button? Mary

  3. It was fantastifc!!! When is the next one?

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