CineClub: Sahara Marathon

This CineClub session was organized in collaboration with Sandblast, a charity that seeks justice for the Saharawi cause through the arts. We counted on the extraordinary participation of Sidi Omar, the Polisario Liberation Movement representative in Britain.

Sahara Marathon describes both the hard competition of a marathon in the Sahara desert and the hard situation that the Saharawi people is facing today.

Western Sahara was the last European colony in 1975. After a century of colonialism, overwhelmed by its own internal problems, Spain left the country the very same day that Morocco invaded it for its fish-rich coastline and its phosphates-rich land. The Saharawi people were banished to the interior of the desert, where they still live today in refugee camps that were built as “provisional” 32 years ago. A war between the two countries started, and Morocco built a wall of 2720 kilometres between the Saharawi people and their old cities, to which it added military forces, jails and torture. A peace treaty was signed in 1991, but international powers have ignored the problem and the Saharawis are still waiting for the promised referendum on their land and their homes.

Sahara Marathon


Sidi Omar
Sidi Omar


Sandblast shop
Sandblast’s Saharawi craft shop

[The CineClub is part of our Bringing Communities Together project and is funded by LAA Comunity Fund]


~ by Anónimo García on Wednesday 7 March 2007.

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