CineClub: Machuca

Our Cinema Club 2006 Winter Session ended with a superb film from Chilean director Andrés Wood, Machuca. The film is based on the true fact that, under Salvador Allende’s leadership in Chile there was an attempt at integrating social classes by taking poor children to private schools. The paths of two schoolboys cross there, trespassing their very different social origins and creating a beautiful and impossible friendship.

After the film we were very pleased to hear the story of Raúl, one of these “machucas”. He talked about his very personal story, how he lived these days of instability and social conflict, how the coup changed his life and those of thousands of others, revealing what was truth and what fiction in the film.

Augusto Pinochet died three days after the film was shown.




~ by Latin American House on Thursday 7 December 2006.

One Response to “CineClub: Machuca”

  1. Hi!,
    Well done Raul and all the staff, volunteers and all people related with the projects, it is very funy and nice to be working with such great people.
    If you don’t beleave it…come to the activities and to the Cine Club….

    See all of you soon,


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